PaRx: The Healing Power of Nature

Programming at HerRecovery is designed to create a balance between learning new skills and techniques and teaching healthy habits. Our daily programming is scheduled to promote outdoor activities for 45 – 90mins a day. We are lucky to be located in the lovely hamlet of Glendon, Alberta surrounded by trees and nature. The local walking path borders our property and is well-maintained throughout the year.

Dr. Melissa Lem discusses the healing power of time spent in nature in this podcast with Northern Latitudes. Dr. Lem references research that supports individuals spending a minimum of 2hrs a week to experience significant increases in their sense of health and well-being. Just spending time in nature can help our cortisol levels drop and reduce the stress in our bodies. 

Healthy habits are best created through consistency. Our programming scheduling helps our participants create a daily schedule to support their optimal mental health with the goal that participants will continue these healthy habits in sobriety. In including our children and family in our new healthy habits we are helping to keep our kids physically and mentally healthy. Science supports time outdoors to increase you immune systems, improving resilience in children, and developing better communication skills. 

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Northern Latitudes: Nature as Nature

by Bill Ault with Dr. Melissa Lem