Payment & Financing Options

We understand that everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we offer different payment and financing options.

The self pay option is our most commonly used payment option. Her Recovery prefers that you do not pay for everything up front. Her Recovery only charges a weekly rate and prefers this method that protects your investment. Should a participant fail to complete the program, you only pay for the time used and not the rest of the program that remains unused.

For more information about payment and financing options, call us 24/7 at 1-800-905-4437

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, there is no need to wait to get them the help they need.


People who are paying for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, either for themselves or a family member, could be eligible to claim the expense as a tax deduction on their personal income tax return using form RC4065(E).

For additional information, please visit Canada Revenue Agency’s website. We strongly encourage you to discuss this with your personal tax accountant to ensure that you are eligible and that the proper forms are completed as required.

Income Tax Folio S1-F1-C1, Medical Expense Tax Credit RC4065 Medical Expenses

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Financing Options


Apply Online or by Phone.

Rates based on credit rating.


Apply Online or by Phone.

Rates based on credit rating.

Bright Futures Financial

Apply Online or by Phone.

20% down payment required.

Extended Medical Benefits

Certain extended medical benefits packages may fully or partially cover the cost of private treatment. This will be dependent on the particular package you have.

In order to establish what coverage you enjoy, you need to call the number on the back of your coverage card and make an inquiry.

Click on any icon to be taken to the health insurers website to find out more about your policy coverage.

Trade Unions

Some trade unions support their members by covering some or even all of the costs associated with attending a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program at a rehab centre.

Each union’s coverage can vary, so it is important to speak with your union representative about the options available.

Employers with EAP Programs

Certain responsible employers will have Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that would fully or partially cover the cost of private addiction treatment in Alberta.

You would need to check with your Human Resources (HR) department to see if your employer has an EAP and then specify that you would like to attend Her Recovery.

First Nations

There are many First Nations Bands who are doing great things to support their community members who are struggling with addiction. This includes some bands providing 100% of the funding for their residents to secure effective private addiction treatment in Alberta.
In order to find out if your band will assist you, please contact your band’s Health and Wellness Counsellor and advise them that you would like to attend Her Recovery addiction treatment centre.

Veterans Affairs

Providing addiction treatment to our current and retired service women who have sacrificed so much for our country.

Drug and alcohol abuse often stems from dealing with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from combat, being away from loved ones for extended periods of time, trying to find a new career with finding meaningful work after leaving the forces, etc. Veteran Affairs Canada has programs available to help these brave women battle and overcome their addiction challenges. Her Recovery Treatment Centre can play a vital role in their recovery.

If this is you or someone that you know, we encourage you to contact us to discuss the options available to get you the help you need.