About Us

Located in Glendon, Alberta, Her Recovery is an addiction treatment center focused on providing specialized care for women. By creating an environment exclusive to the needs of women, clients will be able to start their journey to recovery. Within the calming village of Glendon, women are able to treat their addictions and improve their mental health.

Our specialized care includes individual and therapy counselling, evidence-based treatment, trauma-informed care, recreation, and access to qualified staff.


At Her Recovery, we provide comprehensive care that caters to the needs of women. Our qualified staff, registered counsellors, and trauma-informed staff provide care in the form of evidence-based treatment and therapy.

Parent-Child Relationships

One pillar of focus at Her Recovery is ensuring that stable, healthy relationships are maintained between mothers and their children.

Trauma-informed care

In order to provide the best possible care, we seek to understand the underlying factors to addiction. We address family systems, intergenerational trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD in our extended programs.


At Her Recovery, we recognize the gender-related factors that affect women’s treatment. The different societal barriers create a need for women-specialized care when discussing mental health.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our program includes qualified professionals who provide the best possible care for our clients. Our medical professionals provide psychiatric and medical-based assessments in treatment.

Our four-week base program supports women, and mothers to identify unhealthy relationships, identify healthy supports and develop healthy coping skills. We aim to reduce substance abuse symptoms and increase safe coping skills.

In our eight and twelve week extended program, women work with their primary counsellor to identify the areas in their life where they are most in need. The client chooses to focus on addressing co-dependency or trauma through intensive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with their counsellor. CBT is a highly effective type of therapy for individuals experiencing addictions. Working in tandem with their counsellor, clients will learn to identify the links between thoughts, emotions and behaviors and how to modify them.


Success Stories

We do Recover

Her Recovery Alumni break the stigma of addiction through the power of telling their own story of overcoming their drug or alcohol addiction. Our staff and past participants continue together to celebrate the heroic efforts of these strong individuals and their families. Our Alumni have often persevered through incredible struggles to break through and can now to tell their own story of sobriety and inspire others to create a positive change in their life.

Real Women. Real Families. Real Results.
Sharing our stories, we all bring attention and acceptance to the issues women face and overcome. It is only through the sharing of our stories that we can change the stigma around addictions and bring awareness to the issues we face. We know that living in addiction is isolating and we want to counteract that isolation by creating a supportive environment with other women who have shared experiences. Creating a warm, welcoming community where women feel safe to share their struggles and work together towards sobriety.

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