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Taking the time to breathe.. easily.

Life is busy.  The idea of meditation seems ridiculous when there’s dishes to do. Dishes can wait – self care can’t.  It’s just a few minutes of easy “me” time. If the thought of stillness makes you uneasy – it’s time to start practicing it. Signs that you need to meditate: lack of willpower, impatience, stress, anxiety, decrease in productivity, memory issues and having unwanted negativity in your life. Meditating turns negatives into positives – that’s its power.  Don’t know where to start? I got you.

Let’s get started. Begin sitting or lying down in a completely comfy position, hands up for receiving, down for grounding.  Have some meditation music on or a guided meditation (several can be found on YouTube of both, I’ll link some favourites). Eyes closed.  Focus on your breathing, breathing from the heart, filling it so full.  Follow that feeling of your breath all the way down to your lungs (chest and stomach rising), hold for 1 second and then breathe out all your stress, all your anxiety, all that negative energy. Repeat 2-3 more times, until the focus is on you.  Positive energy in, negative energy out. From there, breathe normally. Focus on relaxing every part of your body – from head to toe – even your eyebrows and eyeballs.  Set a timer if you’re afraid of falling asleep. It can happen. 

Just relax and breathe.  That’s it. This is important. You are important.  Enjoy.