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If you are dealing with an addiction and you are reading this, we are proud of you. The decision to change your addictive behaviours, including being overly dependent on prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol starts by entering a recognized treatment program.

Her Recovery residential treatment program is designed to address the specific challenges mothers face in addiction and recovery. The National Institute on Drugs has more information about commonly abused drugs and emerging addiction trends which might be causing you to seek help.

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A Loved One Needs Help

If you or someone you know has a woman who is struggling with an addiction, Her Recovery can play an important role in their treatment, recovery and aftercare. We support our alumni families so they never need to feel as if they are doing this alone.

If your wife, mother, sister, extended family member, neighbour or even a mom group friend is struggling, help can be as simple as one phone call to our team to get them started on their journey to recover. One call could save a life. In some situations, that call could be to an interventionist whose role is to play an integral part in getting a loved one into treatment. An interventionist has the training and experience to get the person into treatment.

Following treatment, addiction recovery can include arranging or providing a referral for the individual to attend a sober living program. Drug and alcohol addiction help extends beyond the treatment program and includes aftercare programs, continued therapy outside treatment and support of friends, family, employers and their community. During the healing process and over time, friends and families can work on steps to rebuild trust with the individual as they deal with their trauma of recovery.

My Employee Needs Help

Supporting an employee who is struggling with a substance addiction can be a huge challenge. Often, medical insurance or even the employer directly can help to subsidize the individual in getting the addiction treatment that they need.

By taking a proactive approach and supporting the individual, it demonstrates a care and commitment to the person and the team. The HR department, Employee Assistance Program and Union often have cost-covering programs available to their employees.

As part of the employee retention strategy, it may involve getting the person to commit to rehab. Let Her Recovery be part of your long-term solution.

I am a Clinician

Our referral partners and industry associates have peace of mind in knowing when they refer an individual to Her Recovery, that they are placing them in the best possible hands for recovery treatment. We have a close partnership with a local physician and a psychologist who specializes in addiction recovery to oversee the health and well-being of our participants while in treatment.

As a physician, clinician, or someone that works in the healthcare industry, you know first-hand that there are certain challenges in providing people with access to drug and alcohol rehab. As with many ailments, a referral to a specialist might be the only option available within your organization.

By referring the individual to Her Recovery, you can rest assured, we have and will continue to change behaviours, change lives and rebuild families. Her Recovery implements best practices across our care delivery program. Participants who are stable on medication and are assessed as compliant with their dosages and safe to continue use will not need to have any medications discontinued in order to complete treatment. Each individual is assessed based on their specific medical history and needs.

I am a Lawyer / Legal Assistant

Together we can help clients who struggle with their drug and alcohol addiction that has resulted in their involvement within the criminal justice system. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, attending an addiction treatment center in Alberta that provides private alcohol rehab and drug rehabilitation, may have a positive impact on the court’s ruling and the sentencing. Responsible individuals that know they have a drug or alcohol problem often enter addiction treatment before they lose their license which quite often is mandatory for their employment.

“If you are found guilty of driving over the criminal limits for alcohol or drugs, you will face serious criminal penalties in addition to any provincial sanctions that apply.”

 We can also help women who need assistance regarding custody issues.


The Provincial Court of Alberta started a Drug Treatment Court in 2005. The program is intended to break the cycle of criminal behavior driven by drug addiction, by offering participants a chance to avoid prison and complete a drug treatment program in the case of non-violent offences. The program is comprehensive and aims to reduce the number of crimes committed to support drug dependence through judicial supervision, drug abuse treatment, frequent drug testing, incentives, sanctions and social services support. Calgary and Edmonton have a Drug Treatment Court program. Source: Provincial Court of Alberta – Special Courts – Drug Court


Individuals often find themselves in situations where they are convicted with a DUI or an impaired driving charge. The Alberta Impaired Driver Program is provided through AMA’s Planning Ahead Course and IMPACT Course. These are mandatory courses for individuals who have been convicted of Impaired Driving for the second or subsequent time. To register or find out more contact the Alberta Impaired Drivers Program at 780-430-8811 or toll-free in Alberta: 1-800-272-5698.
This innovate drug court program in Alberta provides individuals the treatment support they need to break the cycle of crime and addiction.

Province doubles size of Edmonton, Calgary drug treatment courts

Jason Luan – Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions

“Our government is approaching addiction in a manner that is fair, firm and compassionate.”

“Fair to the communities that are dealing with addiction and crime. Firm, in the tackling of the disease of addiction. And compassionate, in understanding that this is a health-care issue that requires treatment and recovery.”

Articles regarding the Edmonton Drug Court and Calgary Drug Court

Article: The provincial government is doubling the size of drug treatment courts in Edmonton and Calgary, giving non-violent offenders a chance to enter recovery programs instead of prison.
Article: Drug treatment courts to expand in Alberta after $20M investment.